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Most terms in the diagram are “clickable” ...

There is no precise specification of the mbox format. Some programs generate mbox files that can't be read (reliably) by certain other programs. So in some cases it is useful to split an mbox file into separate e-mail files, and then use Eml2mbx to write them to a new mbox file.

Also IMAP can be used for the transfer of mails, if supported by the programs concerned and by the server. However, for many mails with attachments, this way is only recommendable when using fast internet access or a local IMAP server.

Local mail servers such as Hamster or JanaServer can  –  as indicated in the diagram  –  be used for mail conversion even without IMAP. You only have to move the single mails in standardized form after RFC 2822 to the appropriate subdirectory of the server. Then any connected e-mail program can collect them from the server, as if they had just arrived there.

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