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mbox  –  packer plugin for Total Commander

Version 1.10                Freeware                 © Jürgen Lüthje 2003-2005


mbox.wcx is a 32-bit Windows DLL for reading and writing mailbox files in mbox format. This packer plugin basically makes it possible for Total Commander to treat mbox files like “directories” of mail files. Currently supported languages are English, German, Dutch and Polish.

All functions that Total Commander provides for working with archives are supported. Here is an overview:
* list the mails inside mbox files, and sort them by subject, size, or date
* compare the contents of two open mbox files, and synchronize them
* compare two mails in the same or in different mailboxes
* view or edit selected mails
* extract messages to mail files (including all attachments)
* search for mails inside mbox files (using TC's powerful searching capabilities)
* delete selected mails from an mbox file
* create new mbox files
* add mails (including all attachments) to an open mbox file
* test mbox files whether they are intact, and whether they are in a form that probably can
   be read by most e-mail programs

With all these functions Total Commander in conjunction with this plugin is a powerful tool e.g. for finding and deleting duplicate mails, and for synchronizing mails in different mbox files.

Many mail clients and news readers such as Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Pegasus Mail, Becky, The Bat, PocoMail, Forte Agent, 40tude Dialog can read from and write to mbox files. Because there are programs that can't read mbox files generated by certain other programs, and because some programs only can write/export mbox files while others only can read separate mail files, and vice versa, this plugin can be very useful for migrating from one program to another (see also Examples of e-mail conversion).

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