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Version 1.00                Freeware                 © Jürgen Lüthje 2022


General usage
Insert characters
Edit character list

Main window


When writing, you often need special characters that are not available on the computer keyboard. Searching for these characters in an extensive character table each time is cumbersome and time-consuming. Since it is mostly the same special characters over and over again, it is helpful to create a personal collection that allows you to insert these characters quickly and easily into any text processing program. This is the purpose of MyCharacters.
One entry can contain several characters. This is very convenient for characters that occur in pairs, such as quotation marks. So the program can not only store the characters themselves, but also their proper combination and order.
In the rare cases when special characters are needed that are not in your own collection, you can conveniently access an extensive character table of your choice.
MyCharacters is a 64-bit program for Windows. It has been tested on Windows 7, 10 and 11.


MyCharacters_100_setup.exe installs the program for all users on a computer. Administrative rights are required for the installation. A new version of the program can simply be installed “over” the old version. All settings and character collections will be preserved with a new installation.

MyCharacters_100.zip contains the portable version of the program. Installation is not required, just unpack the directory contained in the ZIP archive.

General usage

Command: MyCharacters [Hotkey]

When calling the program, one of the function keys F2 to F11 can optionally be specified as a hotkey.

It is recommended to launch the program in the Windows autostart group. Then it is available at any time by pressing the hotkey or by clicking its taskbar icon.

The main menu of the program can be opened by pressing the menu key ☰ or [Shift]+[F10] as well as with the mouse.

Insert characters

With the mouse
- Click at [Insert]
- Double click at the desired row

With the keyboard
- [Ins]
- [Enter]

In some situations, inserting characters directly into another program may not work, but you can always copy the selected entry to the clipboard with [Ctrl]+[C], and from there paste it into the target application.

If [Shift] is pressed during one of the above actions, you won't get the character in question, but its code instead.


At the moment you can choose between German and English.

If you want to translate the program into another language, please use one of the files in the Lang subdirectory as a template and save your file there, too. The file format is UTF-8 with BOM. After a restart of the program this language will be available.
I would be glad if you send me your translated language file. The next version of the program will then automatically support this language.

Character table
The link in the upper right corner of the main window points to the Windows character table by default. Here you can enter another character table.
You can also insert a program path into the field, using drag and drop from the Windows Explorer or another file manager. Thereby the absolute path to the selected program is normally entered. However, if [Shift] is pressed while “dropping”, the relative path is entered, if possible. This is important for portable use e.g. on a USB thumb drive.

Edit character list

The program comes with a few sample characters. However, its purpose is for each user to compile an individual collection with the characters s/he needs regularly. Each character is specified by the prefix “\u”, followed by its hexadecimal code. Also code points above the Basic Multilingual Plane (i.e. > \uFFFF) can be specified.

Use the menu items New entry and Delete entry for editing the character list. For extensive changes to the list, it is best to use the menu item Go to character file. This will open an Explorer window with the character file highlighted. It can then be edited with a text editor.

The font that the program uses for the character list is Lucida Sans Unicode. A character might not be displayed in the list because it's not in this font. The program action still works if the target application has a suitable font.


You are only allowed to use or distribute this software, if you accept the following license.

1. Copyright
MyCharacters is copyright 2022 by the author Jürgen Lüthje, all rights are reserved.

2. Right to use
MyCharacters is freeware. You may use the program free of charge privately and commercially.

3. Copying
You may copy and distribute the software and its documentation, as long as the files MyCharacters_100_setup.exe and MyCharacters_100.zip are not modified. This means, among other things, that you are not allowed to rename the files, or split them into pieces.
Without clear written permission from the author, you are not allowed to distribute this program as part of a ZIP archive or another file, to sell it, or to enclose it with a commercial program or a commercial collection of programs. The program may be distributed as part of freeware/shareware collections, e.g. on accompanying DVDs of computer magazines, though.

4. Support
You are not entitled to support by the author. However, the author tries to answer inquiries by e-mail.

5. Disclaimer
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The author does not accept responsibility or liability for any effects, adverse or otherwise, that this code may have on you or your computer. Use it at your own risk.

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