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Version 1.11                Freeware                 © Jürgen Lüthje 2009–2020




RunAsAdmin is a small tool for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, that allows to run another program with administrative privileges. It is especially well suited for use on portable devices such as USB drives.


Installation is not required, just unpack the folder from the ZIP archive. The program is portable, and runs also from a USB drive.
RunAsAdmin doesn't add entries to the Windows registry, nor does it alter anything else on the system.


Just delete the folder.


Command:    RunAsAdmin [/s|/shift] <program>

With the optional switch /s or /shift, the given program will only be launched with administrative privileges if the Shift key is pressed on startup of RunAsAdmin.

RunAsAdmin /s cmd
RunAsAdmin ..\autoruns\autoruns64.exe
RunAsAdmin cmd /k fsutil.exe dirty query C:
RunAsAdmin cmd /k C:\Users\Doe\my.bat "one;two" three

Some programs can only be run with administrative privileges.

Then RunAsAdmin is the right program for you.

The language of the program is automatically set to German on a German operating system, and to English on all other systems.

Vista and newer Windows versions make a distinction between a real administrator and restricted administrators. If under a restricted administrative account a program is going to be launched with elevated rights, then there always will be a confirmation prompt.

Under Windows 9x/ME systems (which do not have a concept of different user accounts on the same machine) RunAsAdmin always launches the respective program immediately without further inquiry. Under Windows NT, the same happens when you are logged in as an administrator. When you are logged in as a normal user, RunAsAdmin does not work under Windows NT.

When the program ends, it returns one of the following status codes to the operating system. E.g. batch programs can read this value using the ERRORLEVEL feature:
0   RunAsAdmin was successfully completed.
1   No program given on the command-line.
2   The given program could not be found.
3   The “Run As” dialog was aborted by the user, or the Windows service “Secondary Logon” is not running.
4   Some other error has occured.


You are only allowed to use or distribute this software, if you accept the following license.

1. Copyright
RunAsAdmin is copyright 2009–2020 by the author Jürgen Lüthje, all rights are reserved.

2. Right to use
RunAsAdmin is and will ever be freeware. You may use the program free of charge privately and commercially.

3. Copying
You may copy and distribute the software and its documentation, as long as the file RunAsAdmin111.zip is not modified. This means, among other things, that you are not allowed to rename the file, or split it into pieces.
Without clear written permission from the author, you are not allowed to distribute this program as part of another archive or file, to sell it, or to enclose it with a commercial program or a commercial collection of programs. The program may be distributed as part of freeware/shareware collections, e.g. on accompanying DVDs of computer magazines, though.

4. Support
You are not entitled to support by the author. However, the author tries to answer inquiries by e-mail.

5. Disclaimer
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The author does not accept responsibility or liability for any effects, adverse or otherwise, that this code may have on you or your computer. Use it at your own risk.

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